Starting organize wedding, You have to think about wedding invitations. Invitations are not only framing for written words, they reflect engaged ones taste and can imply on how big and splendid the ceremony will be. If guests receive luxurious and sophisticated invitations, they will presume that they need to dress up richly enough. Invitations can also be in style or in range of colors with ceremony's place decorations or the new pair's outfit, especially if they have choosen something other than ususal black and white.

It is important to send invitations early - best would be month before wedding. But if wedding is planned on workingday, invitations should be sent already two or three months before. In such situation best is to send "save the date" cards or e-mails already half a year before wedding to reserve Your date and time for guests to plan a free day. In this case traditional invitations can be sent two weeks before the big day.

Engaded couple can make invitations on their own, order from an artist or make them in collaboration with artist. Often new pair want to take part in invitation making process to make them more personal, but to do all from scratch to finish is to complicated and not necessary.

At the beginning couple has to agree upon invitation style. Maybe You like invitation from other wedding or You have found an idea on internet, or maybe You have thought about something different and original - in any case You have to show and tell Your idea to artist to make sketches and examples. When idea is ready, You have to choose materials. Most likely I choose paper together with new couple, because there are very many variations, different not only with color and facture, but also with price. Other materials are free choice of mind - ribbons, beads, fabric or paper flowers, photos, drawings, ring imitations... Options are numberless, but not all are possible if You plan on sending invitations by mail. If invitations will be given personaly, then we can decorate also envelopes with similar accent like in invitations.

Not less important is invitation text - it has to be laconic and also ceremonious. I believe that novadays so many printed text syles are available, You do not have to write invitations in handwriting. For Your convenience handwritten can be guest's names and for more personal invitations - Your signature. If You still consider handwritten invitations, I would suggest to write them Yourself - even if artist would write it prettier, it would never be so personal and sweet.

While wedding guests sometimes choose to give newlyweds a special and original hand-made congratulation card, where artist has placed a little bit of his good mind and wishes.

Essentially wedding congratulations are very similar with invitations by style and materials. Sometimes people make congratulation card according to invitation theme, for example, if invitation has some foreign culture elements or weddings are planned by the sea and invitations are decorated with seashells. Also You can match congratulation to new couple's entity or even Your own outfit. If the ones marrying are artistic persons, congratulation card can be made as luxurious bookmark with newlyweds initials, portrets or caricature. When choosing flowers or other nature elements, I usually find out their symbolic meaning so that congratulation is not only beautiful, but also brings best wishes.

If you plan on giving money as a present, we can make congratulation card with elegant pocket. If You want something untraditional, money can be rolled up and placed on the congratulation card together with other decorations.

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

Your mind is full of ideas, do not be afraid of them - entrust Your dreams to artist and together Your wedding invitation or congratulation will be beautiful, perfect and original cowork of  Your idea and artist's professional opinion.

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