Novadays newly married more and more often want to get money as a wedding gift - relieve for guests, but how to pack the money more ineresting than to give it in a standart envelope?

Idea can be found in invitation text, because hint of wish to get money as a present is often hidden in various epithets.

If newly-weds have pleased help to save for their honey moon, You can attach money on toy ship, plain or tourist bus.

There are expressions in every country which describes money. In Latvia we use to say “cabbage” when we mean “money”. So if young couple wants cabbage in an envelope as a gift You do not have to try put real cabbage in envelope, but You certainly can make money look similar to cabbage by adding it to small globe or You can put money between lists of real cabbage. Also You can put money in a jar together with small pieces of green paper to make it look like pickled cabbages (do not forget a pickled cabbage lable).

Often money is attached to money tree brunches or on artistic tree. It can be put in a balloon or in many boxes put one into another, money of course in the smallest.

Beautiful money box can also be nice alternative for envelope. While gift box for money can be made as cake, pizza slice or muffin.

Of course beautiful envelope with money pocket is good “outfit” for present as well.

To present is great pleasure, but to give beautifully and originally decorated present is even bigger pleasure for the one giving the gift and for the recipient, of course.

“MGidejas” will help You find original and approriate solution for the gift as well as form it high quality.

Have beautiful celebration and great present giving pleasure!